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Writing with the Story Weaver


For the past seven years I have been offering my on-line Writing with the Story Weaver course. Aimed at 10 - 15 year olds, the course includes a wide variety of activities, divided into four themes, across four ‘terms’. These cover various writing formats to develop students’ skills. The activities mostly cater for individuals’ particular interests and hobbies so they are writing about things, people and places they know.  The course is suitable for girls and boys and has proven to be a useful English supplement for home-schoolers.

Writing with the Story Weaver manualWriting with the Story Weaver manual


Formats include journal-writing, creative writing based on pictures, haiku, posters, news reports, diary entries, travel blogs, interviews, recipes, menus and many more. 


An activity is sent via e-mail each week in colourful pdf format. Each includes prompts and information and sometimes additional reading suggestions.  


Personal feedback gently sorts out grammatical and spelling errors.  I believe in providing encouragement before pointing out errors and it is gratifying to see how youngsters respond and how editing and attention to detail in their writing develops across the year. 


I send a manual with the first activity, future activities follow as each student submits work. Family holidays are easily accommodated within the four 'term' system and it's easy to catch up if this is necessary.


I provide written feedback as quickly as possible and since the weekly submission day is Thursday, feedback is usually sent on the Friday or Saturday.


I only accept ten students per year. 


I am registered with the South African Council of Educators.




Here are the first two activities from the first theme, which is Let’s get started and which provides insight into various writing techniques and gives me an idea of individual students' interests.






Notes for parents

All activities are suited to boys and girls and I use age appropriate photographs, mostly sourced from unsplash. 

Students are encouraged to work independently but sometimes parents are asked to provide specific guidance.

All feedback and correspondence with students is copied to their parents.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Should I be concerned about content in any material submitted by a student I would contact you immediately. This has never happened.


 Enquiries:  or whatsapp/call 084 673 1710