Taking a Walk with Ailsa... The Ghost Walk

Our group was entertained for almost 90 minutes by Alisa whose stories not only addressed the ghosts that have been seen at the locations we visited but highlighted local personalities and their historical significance to Prince Albert. She was patient and paced the walk to suit us oldies and her delivery was clear, humorous and friendly. A definite must in the company of a lovely lady.
Liesbeeck Probus Club Group from Cape Town 10 July 2017


The most fascinating, informative and happy walking historical architectural tour with Ailsa Tudhope through Prince Albert this morning. She is a captivating raconteur. A wonderful village brought to life through its buildings and those that built them. Thank you Ailsa, loved every minute.

Sue & Peter Gurney from Port Elizabeth 29 June 2017


"Ghost walk is a must"
Ailsa is extremely well informed about the history and people of Prince Albert and weaves wonderful stories about the ghosts still inhabiting some of the old buildings - I got goosebumps and kept looking over my shoulder !! A great experience and lots of insight into the history of Prince Albert. Loved her long black cape ... she truly looked the part.
Cheryl & Alan from Swellendam 6 June 2017


    "The Gem in the Crown of Prince Albert!"


We went on the Ghost Walk on a rather cold night. What a wonderful story teller Ailsa is, keeping us intrigued and entertained and sharing wonderful stories about the people of Prince Albert, past and present. My guests from USA were delighted and so pleased to see that there were some local residents also on the tour. Ailsa does a wonderful job and I'll certainly put Prince Albert and it's excellent Story Weaver on future itineraries.

Anne Lawrance of Sakabula Safaris 12 May 2017


We were so happy that we walked the streets of this lovely town with Ailsa, getting to know its stories, people and history on the very first night of our stay. The tour really enriched the rest of our time in Prince Albert since we knew so much more about the town and the area. It made our trip to the Fransie Pienaar Museum (which in and of itself is a treat!) even better, because we knew the stories behind some of the artefacts. Ailsa is a natural tour guide and a phenomenal storyteller. She knows the town like the back of her hand. What a treat! Great value for money!

Adriëtte and Corné le Roux 7 April 2017


Hi Ailsa, 

We are in Dullstroom relaxing with a glass of wine in front of the fire, whilst listening to the rain.

This has given us time to remenis over PA. Out came the photos and Kenneth said "call Ailsa now!"

We have no photos of the walk from just before arriving at the grave yard to the Kerksaal. Nothing in my phone, Kenneth's phone or the camera. Also the house near the owls, we have all the photos around about the owls but not Granny's House. We thought you would be interested.

Regards Joy & Kenneth Gwatkin - who joined me on a Ghost Walk on 23rd February 2017 and who took many photos!

We saw a pair of Spotted Eagle Owls at the foot of Luttig Street, just past Granny's House.  Strange things were happening that evening...


Spotted Eagle Owl (thanks to the Prince Albert website for the photo)


John and I so enjoyed our walk with you this week.  It really made the town come alive, although I'm not sure the ghosts wanted to ....!

Thank you and best wishes, Marilyn Lawrie, Wild Coast  March 2017


Maaike joined me for both a storytelling event and a Ghost Walk. Thank you for the feedback, Maaike!

Dear Ailsa, you know a lot of stories and you have a great way of weaving them together in a long story without becoming boring and without becoming forced. The stories you tell are interesting, but also funny. In a short period of time I had the feeling I got to know Prince Albert.

But most great about you is that you are not a record player where I press ‘play’ to get the story. No, you are fine with questions and you easily weave the answers in your story. This being able to anticipate was for me a top on the already great morning.

Thank you for this wonderful memory,  Maaike Noijons  Netherlands  January 2017



The Travel and Hospitality Awards

Prince Albert - A gem of a find in the Karoo. Steeped in history, art and culture. Even the dustbins are works of art...  Life in town, then and now came alive through the colourful characters described in Ailsa Tudhope's vivid story telling as we strolled through the streets at dusk. It was spectacular. Loved every minute of it. Thank you for your riveting stories and information. We left you feeling satisfied and inspired.

Elli Lambropoulos  January 2017


David April after the Ghost Walk! :-)

....hoooooooo bathong ....please allow me to tell you about the GHOST WALK tomorrow morning ....I have to get through TONIGHT .... Ailsa Tudhope ...you are a master story teller and what a delight it was to meet you ....THANK YOU!

David, Christina and Ailsa ~ Ghost Walk 27 December 2016


.....about the GHOST WALK in Prince Albert ....informative , entertaining, educational and well researched Ailsa Tudhope ...kudos to you and we will certainly do the OTHER walkabouts when we come back....other highlights ....magnificent buildings ..beautiful landscapes....TJOOOO ....we have a beautiful country bathong !


David April December 2016

Thanks David, what a pleasure to take such an enthusiastic character on my Ghost Walk!




 Albie and family on a wintery walk 2016

Fantastic tour with a wonderful story teller. Ailsa took us on a magical walking tour around the town. Very informative and quirky.

 Albie and family on a wintery walk 2016



Dearest Ailsa

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your fun and informative as well as goose bump raising talk and walk, that you gave myself and my children. We thoroughly enjoyed it! And I would highly recommend it to anyone we know visiting your beautiful, little town.

Warm regards

Shelley Hindmarch   June 2016



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 On the Ghost Walk ...


Hi Ailsa

Thanks so much again for the entertaining walk down memory lane. Was really well worth doing and surprised how the kids got right into it, despite the wintery conditions. Young Isabella was terrified - therefore well done on mission accomplished ;-) 

Regards  Paul    June 2016



At Onse Rus




Hello Ailsa

Thank you for an interesting and well presented Town Tour.  You opened the core of Prince Albert to us.

Thank you so for the additional information you e-mailed to us on the "Logans of Matjiesfontein" .. It strikes me, he was a difficult and eccentric man, as were so many men of that era.

Regards and wishing you much success.

Toni Frost and Farida Kennedy

21st April 2016




Thank you Ailsa for a wonderful walk last night.

I hadn't ever experienced such a lovely entertaining and educational tour. We loved it.

Michelle, Hannah, Carien and Willie Aalbers

April 2016



Good morning Ailsa,

Having returned from Prince Albert it is necessary to, once again, thank you so very much. Your ghost walk made Friday evening for the ladies!

I hope to return to PA soon and bring my 10 year granddaughter who LOVES good storytellers – she will love the evening!

Warm wishes,

Carol Coombes  Traveltime  March 2016




Dear Ailsa

What an amazing story telling gift you have!  Thank you, not only for sharing your ghostly tales and some history of Prince Albert with us, but for your attentiveness and kindness to the participants on the tour; rescuing the strays and delivering them safely to the restaurant and returning to give water to our intrepid hikers. It is this caring and generosity of spirit that will ensure that we all return to Prince Albert.

Warm regards


Cape MOG Tour November 2015



Dear Ailsa

Just want to say thank you for a most entertaining Ghost Walk on Sunday evening.  You are a story weaver par excellence!


Elaine and Helmien  November 2015


A wander round the village...


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