Is your child studying Cambridge International English or History courses?  

Is there a need for help with those studies? 

I am a qualified English and History teacher and have taught CIE Checkpoint, IGCSE and AS/A level English and History at Albert College, a small, private school in Prince Albert in the Karoo, for the past 10 years. 


I have worked with private candidates and am currently assisting a local student registered for A level English Language through CIE.


I also work as an on-line tutor for two teenagers, one registered for IGCSE English and the other for his AS level English, having previously assisted a teenager in Cape Town who was completing his IGCSE and AS/A level English, using e-mail and holding occasional meetings.


Initially our distance education interaction consisted of his working on exercises from his textbook and submitting them as Word documents for me to “mark” - I would make comprehensive comments on style, language usage, etc. Half the IGCSE course focusses on creative and functional writing and we explored the wide variety of styles and formats for that section of the syllabus.


I am usually able to provide feedback within 24 to 48 hours - unless I am away from home. Early in our distance collaboration my student and I had a few face-to-face meetings at weekend workshops, both here and in Cape Town, which were helpful for both of us but this isn’t essential.


Later we worked intensively on exam papers - how to answer them as well as the content of his answers.  This is vital if students working through distance education are to succeed in examinations. He achieved over 80% for his IGCSE English course and 89% for A level English in the November 2016 exams. 


My students have all passed their exams, most achieving marks of 60% and above, even those who are second language speakers. Several Albert College students have achieved distinctions, including one who achieved the highest marks in the world for her English Language and Literature AS exams. 


Regarding my qualifications, I completed my BA and BEd degrees though UNISA and my HDE (PG) Sec at Rhodes University and am registered with SACE. I completed the British Council invigilation course and am registered as a Cambridge International Examinations invigilator.  I have taught English as first and second language at the local provincial school, CIE courses at Albert College and have tutored adult students completing Education degrees through UNISA.

Should you be interested in my assisting your child with their CIE English or History studies please contact me on 023 5411 211 or by e-mail: to discuss your particular requirements and my fees.


References are available.